What you must know about him

The prestigious Brazilian weekly magazine "Epoca" published an article about DJ Janot calling him a "touristic must" for those who go to Rio searching for good music. Recognized as the main DJ specialized in Brazilian music at the moment, Janot was selected to open the historic Rolling Stones concert last February, playing for more than 1 million people at Copacabana Beach. He also played for hundred thousands when opening for the Brazilian pop band Skank during the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour, in Rio and São Paulo.

During the oficial Carnival competition in Rio, DJ Janot played for Romario, Luana Piovani and other national and international stars at the Nova Schin VIP lounge. His knowledge of Brazilian sounds also led him to be invited as musical producer of the Premio Multishow de Música Brasileira. Resident DJ at two of the most famous nightclubs in Rio, Casa da Matriz and Cabaret Kalesa, playing exclusively Brazilian music, his venues are always sold out.

His first record, released last july by Som Livre in two volumes, combine rare tracks from the past with the new generation of Brazilian music, resulting in a unique compilation that helps you understand why DJ Janot's vibes have been followed by legions of fans. The 2 CDs, entitled "O Som Brazooka do DJ Janot" Vols 1 and 2, are unique in the fact that most of the popular Brazilian songs from the 60s and 70s are not remixed or re-worked in any way; They are simply placed among more contemporary tracks and, when taken out of their usual environment, they sound just like dance tracks, leading many to ask whether those are remixes. They are not. They are the same old goodies, only heard from a different angle.

DJ Janot will perform in TV Globo's Brazilian Day show in New York on September 3rd, along with Babado Novo, Leonardo, Banda Calypso and Sandy & Junior.

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